Roommates, it may be difficult getting a message out from prison, but Bill Cosby has found a new way to make a difference: giving life advice to his fellow inmates.


According to TMZ, Bill’s representative, Andrew Wyatt, gave some insight into his busy days behind bars giving as many as four lectures per week! He has reportedly been giving these lectures for about three months, and more than 100 prisoners come out to hear his wisdom.


Using his recent experiences, Bill reportedly uses his humor to shed light on everything from family to fame. But most importantly, he lectures on substance abuse, and gives tips on how to stay clean.


“These are the types of men he has wanted to get his message across to for years now,” Wyatt says. “Now he has a totally captive audience.”


Wyatt also says Bill gives A1 advice about becoming working men after prison, giving advice on finding work and providing interview techniques.


Additionally, Bill is working with a group of inmates set for parole “Man Up”, where he delivers lectures about learning from your past, keeping out of trouble, and preparing to leave the prison life behind.


Bill also wants inmates to become better, more influential fathers to their children! Wyatt says Bill encourages inmates to “lead by example”, and teach their kids to stay away from the prison system in the future.


Despite being dragged on social media for referring to himself as “America’s Dad” in a father’s day post, Wyatt says Bill is proud to wear the name and will continue to uplift fathers to be better for their children.


As we previously reported, Bill was convicted of aggravated indecent assault after allegedly drugging Andrea Constand, and is now serving his 3 to 10-year sentence.