Roommates, Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser might be licensed to give client some fire ink, but it looks like he isn’t license to drive a vehicle. He was reportedly arrested in New York City for driving with a fake license.

New York law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Ceaser was arrested earlier today after officers witnessed him run a red light. Officers say he failed to yield to pedestrians while driving through a residential neighborhood in Brooklyn.

TMZ says officers immediately pulled Ceaser over and asked him to present his license. Unfortunately, he gave cops an I.D. that reads Emanuel Thomas. There was also an age disparity by 8 years, saying he was born June 1971 as opposed to his real birth year, 1979.

Officers also say Cease did not have a valid insurance card on hand, so he was arrested on the spot and booked for misdemeanor false impersonation, and various other traffic violations.

Cease is currently the boss and star of VH1’s ‘Black Ink Crew’ franchise! Through the show, Cease has been able to create of franchise of tattoo shops in cities including Atlanta and New Orleans.

The show has been going strong for 7 seasons, and the 8th is set to air next week! Ceaser’s shop has also birthed two spin-off for shops Chicago and another Compton.