School Therapist Targeted In Georgia Police Stop Gone Wrong

VIDEO: Black School Therapist Targeted In Georgia Police Stop Gone Wrong

A Black school therapist had his world turned upside down after a routine traffic stop got personal and ended in an unexpected arrest.

Terrence Abrams went viral when he posted on social media detailing his run-in with Georgia police in March of 2022.

Black Middle School Therapist Says He Was Racially Profiled In March 2022 Traffic Stop

Abrams claims that not only did Emerson police racially profile him, but they accused him of carrying drugs and vilified him for having condoms and adult card games in his car as well.

The middle-school behavioral therapist also revealed that the substance police claimed to be drugs was, in fact a pre-workout powder, and he’s since lost his job because of the ordeal.

While he admits to having a suspended license at the time, he believes his arrest resulted from racial profiling.

However, police say there’s more to the story. Could body cam footage say otherwise? The Shade Room investigates…

Abrams had just left his job and was heading home when police pulled him over for having dark tint on his Dodge Charger.

“They found out my license was suspended, which it was… rightfully so,” Abrams told TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter. “And in the state of Georgia, that’s enough of an offense to take you in (to police custody.)”

Officers Search Abrams Car, Find Packets Of Powder Which He Says Is Pre-Workout Supplements

He said he immediately owned up to it and told officers that he had failed to pay a $33 license reinstatement fee in his home state of Alabama. Abrams also admitted his tags were expired.

“I’m not tripping about that, I’ll pay my dues on that. What I’m saying is, they profiled me.”

Abrams was quickly ordered out of the car and placed into handcuffs.

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Bodycam footage from the arrest shows an arresting officer telling Abrams that Georgia is a four-strike state, “meaning the fourth is a felony,”

Officers then placed him in the back of a police cruiser and started searching his vehicle.

The officer found three items in question: a metal straw similar to a plastic one you’d find at a store, multiple packets of powdery substances, and a small baggie with another substance inside.

Arresting Officers Fixated On Condoms, Adult Card Games Found In Abrams’ Vehicle

Cops believed that to be MDMA, otherwise known as Molly or ecstasy.

But officers on-scene appeared to fixate on condoms, adult card games and a paddle they found in his trunk.

The paddle is actually a fraternity-related item, as Abrams is a part of Alpha Phi Alpha. And as for the condoms officers found in his car, Abrams said “I’m a grown a** man, I’m allowed to do that.”

The Shade Room dug up the original arrest warrant. The most serious charges he’s currently facing include possession of a drug-related object, which was that metal straw that police say is used to inhale controlled substances.

Abrams Charged With Felony Possession Of A Controlled Substance

He’s also been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance for a green pill they found labeled “YouTube,” containing suspected MDMA.

The officer did have a kit and tested it on the spot.

Meanwhile, Abrams insists he had no knowledge of the pill in his vehicle and doesn’t know how it got there.

He didn’t want to outright accuse the officer who found it, but he says he remains suspicious about it possibly being planted.

Abrams said he is being pressured to accept a plea deal, however, the terms of that plea deal are far from acceptable to him.

Abrams Says He’s Being Pressured To Accept Plea Deal That Would Place A Felony On His Record

“That’s gonna be a felony on my record, meaning I won’t be able to carry (firearms), I won’t be able to vote, I didn’t even expect this to get as big of a situation as it is.”

According to court records, Abrams was never charged with having cocaine, but we did call the Emerson Police Department about that suspected MDMA. An officer there said they typically send substances to crime labs for further testing, which is likely the reason no court date has been set as of yet.

Abrams says he’s currently focused on finding the right attorney to help him navigate and beat this case and not force him into a plea deal.

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