#BlackGirlMagic: 27-Year-Old Muhga Eltigani Secures $1M Investment For Haircare Line From Founder Of Shea Moisture!

#BlackGirlMagic: 27-Year-Old Muhga Eltigani Secures $1M Investment For Haircare Line From Founder Of Shea Moisture!

Roommates, what is better than having lunch with a mentor-figure and founder of one of the leading companies in the field you’re trailblazing in? Having him invest in YOUR company! That is 27-year-old Muhga Eltigani’s mood after securing a $1 million investment for her natural hair care line, NaturAll Club! Secure the bag, sis!

Shea Moisture co-founder #RichDennis showed his faith in Muhga’s vision to change the haircare game with her avocado-based product. NaturAll Club is geared toward women of color with kinky and curly hair types. With just a blender, some avocados, oils, butters, and a vision to have moisturized hair, Muhga is leaving her mark!

Many would say Muhga is more than deserving, as she forewent law school to follow her entrepreneurial dream. Back in 2017, she invested her own $18K into the company. “I started making hair products in a college dorm room,” she writes. “Frustrated with commercial hair products that left my hair dry and brittle, and supported by a small YouTube following, I committed to a three-month journey of using only fresh and natural ingredients in my hair.”

Y’all, the level up came full throttle after that! Her hair grew 32 inches, she gained 40,000 YouTube followers, and finally decided to launch her experiment as a brand — with hopes of becoming a household name with a few simple, and natural products.

Her products are not available in retail stores as she hopes to continue to give her customers the full brand experience!

Her advice to new entrepreneurs and those trying to make the decision to take it serious, Muhga says, “Start now. It’s never going to be a perfect moment to launch. You will always have to make changes if you are listening to your customers,” she said. “Build something that your customers want!”


Congrats, Muhga!!!

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