Roommates, it appears that Blueface’s recent baby mama drama is far from over. Earlier this week, Blueface and his baby mama were engaged in a verbal altercation that apparently got so heated that she tried to break into his home with a weapon—well now, Blueface has provided additional footage and she also did some damage to one of his cars, specifically keying and kicking it in several areas.

Blueface posted a new video where he is apparently showing someone the damage she caused to his vehicles—and you can clearly see she was not playing around.

As we previously reported, in recent video, Blueface’s baby mama Jaidyn Alexxis is seen attempting to smash the windows of his home with some sort of tool. In the recording, Blueface can be heard making light of the situation, saying “Damn, I got some good d**k on crip.”

Following Blueface’s post of the video, Jaidyn posted the following to her Instagram story:

“Sine we take s**t to the gram…N****s lick a**hole and then when b****s do the pull up they run (upstairs) wit a scary b***h”

She continued, adding:

“But we don’t see the footage of when a b***h got inside now do we babe…Yea ight no n***a, no b***h & not even the cops gon do NOTHIN. #rappers call the cops THESE DAYS.”

Something tells us this situation is far from over.


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