Blueface Speaks Out About Viral Video With His Son's Mother

Blueface Speaks On Son’s Mother Confronting Him For Not Being At Their Son’s Party–Also Talks ‘Blue Girls Club’ Not Being A Cult

Roommates, yesterday a clip of Blueface on Twitch went viral after his son’s mother, Jaidyn, went off on him for leaving their son Javaugh’s 4th birthday party. Blueface appeared on Twitch user Adin Ross’ page along with rapper DDG and during the time, Jaidyn called and said, “It’s our son‘s birthday, and you’re over here fu***ng around and embarrassing me in front of every fu***ng body?” Blue responded, ”I’m sorry, I’m on my way right now.” The clip, which gained over 80k views, had some feeling a type of way about the rapper. We reached out to Blueface to see what led up to the interaction with him and Jaidyn. Blueface explained exclusively to TSR that he had been at his son’s party all day.

He gave a timeline and said the party started at 2 pm, and he was there and even dressed up as a Power Ranger to go with the theme of the party ’till 6 pm. At that time, he left the party to go record the Twitch with Adin and DDG until 7:30 pm and planned on returning to the party at 8 pm. Blueface did admit that Jaidyn didn’t know that he would be out from the party that long. He gave more insight into what led Jaidyn to go off as he dealt with behind-the-scenes family issues at the party. “I have a dysfunctional family, so a situation broke out at the party, and I had to escort somebody to another location. I went to record the Twitch in the midst of everything, so she didn’t know I was gon’ be gone long.”

Blueface acknowledged that he apologized to Jaidyn when she called him, and privately once he returned to the party. We know there have also been talks about his ‘Blue Girls Club’ show as some people have called it a cult, so Blueface also decided he wanted to clear the air on that topic. He advised that he’s painted as a villain in the music industry. “You know they see me as a villain in the industry. I could feed a 100 alley cats, and they gon’ say one ate less, and distract from me feeding 100 cats smh.” Blueface also stated that he is helping all of the women who participated in the show. “It’s all 100% legit. I’m really just helping these ladies who are less fortunate by giving them an opportunity,” he said.

“I don’t sleep with them or anything. As you can see, I pick the ones who need it because it’s really a learning experience. I only get 3 weeks to change their life around. They literally sign up to be [there], paperwork and everything.”

Roomies, what do ya’ll think?

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