Cash App Creator Bob Lee Had Affair With Killer's Sister, Dated Ex

Cash App Founder Bob Lee Reportedly Had Affair, Partied With Accused Killer’s Married Sister Night Before Death

Cash App founder Bob Lee reportedly had an affair with his alleged killer’s sister and even dated the accused’s ex-girlfriend, friends close to Lee told the Wall Street Journal this week.

Authorities claim Lee was stabbed to death by 38-year-old Nima Momemi in San Francisco on April 4, as reported by The Shade Room.

Report: Lee, Accused Killer’s Married Sister Were Having Affair, Partied Together Night Before His Death

Lee allegedly had previously dated Momeni’s ex-girlfriend before beginning a sexual relationship with the accused killer’s married sister, Khazar Momeni.

Momeni reportedly confronted Lee about his relationship with Khazar the night before the stabbing. He asked Lee if his sister “was doing drugs” or “anything inappropriate” while the pair were together, a witness that evening told the newspaper.

Prosecutors allege that Lee and Khazar had been drinking with a group of mutual friends the evening before his death.

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According to WSJ, Lee was involved in what is known in certain wealthy tech circles as “The Lifestyle.” The exclusive underground party scene allegedly involves recreational drug use and casual sex.

Lee told Momeni that his sister, who is married to famed San Francisco plastic surgeon Dino Elyassnia, had not taken any substances and that “nothing inappropriate had happened.”

“Just wanted to make sure your doing ok Cause [I] know nima came wayyyyyy down hard on you,” Momeni’s sister texted Lee after Nima confronted him.

Khazar’s text continued: “Thank you for being such a classy man handling it with class. Love you, Selfish pricks.”

The Crime: A Brief Timeline Of The Events Leading To Cash App Founder’s Stabbing Death

But Lee was far from okay. Camera footage shows Momeni arriving at his sister’s apartment on the evening of April 3. Both men were spotted leaving Momeni’s sister’s apartment in Nami’s BMW in the early morning hours of April 4.

Court documents claim Momeni eventually drove Lee to a secluded corner. The footage shows the two speaking outside the vehicle before a figure matching Momeni’s description “suddenly” lunges at Lee.

Momeni then quickly fled the scene in his BMW, according to WSJ. An autopsy report later showed Lee had alcohol, cocaine, and ketamine in his system when he died from stab wounds to his chest and thigh.

Lee also dated Momeni’s former girlfriend about three years ago. A mutual friend of Lee and the ex said they began dating sometime after breaking up with Momeni.

Momeni’s Attorney Says No Affair Transpired, Downplays Significance Of The Two Dating Same Woman

Meanwhile, Momeni’s lawyer, Paula Canny, disputed the claims made to ESJ. Canny insisted there was no affair between Lee and Momeni’s sister, the outlet reports.

Momeni’s lawyer, Paula Canny, disputed the information people provided to WSJ, including the alleged affair between Lee and Khazar.

“Based on my investigation, there was no romantic or sexual relationship between (Khazar) and Bob,” Canny said.


It’s unclear what exactly Canny uncovered in her investigation that would lead her to conclude the two weren’t having an affair.

Canny also attempted to downplay the significance of Lee and Momeni, having previously dated the same woman.

“If Nima and Bob had ever dated the same person … I wasn’t aware, and it had no significance,” Canny said.


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