Bobbi Althoff Addresses Claims Of Copying Funny Marco (Video)

Bobbi Althoff Drops A Bag On Funny Marco & Addresses Accusations Of Copying His Interviewing Style (WATCH)

Bobbi Althoff is seemingly paying homage to Funny Marco while addressing accusations that she copied his interviewing style.

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Here’s What Bobbi Althoff Said

On Monday, March 18, a new episode of Funny Marco’s web series ‘Open Thoughts’ was released on YouTube. Althoff appeared as a guest and about nine minutes in, Marco posed a question for her that many social media users have been waiting to have answered.

“How do you feel when people say, like, ‘Oh, she took Marco’s stuff’?” he asked.

“Yeah, I say to that, that you took my stuff,” she replied, before quickly adding more thoughts. “No. I know you didn’t.”

From there, Althoff explained why she “couldn’t” have taken anything from Marco.

“But to be fair, I couldn’t take your stuff ’cause I have never seen you, at all…” Althoff explained. “I honestly think that we were both kind of doing the same thing a little different and then someone… introduced me to you and was like, ‘You guys are so similar.’ That’s the first I ever heard of you or seen you.”

At that point, Marco chimed in, agreeing with Althoff.

“Yeah, I don’t feel that way. I just feel like you being you, [and] I’m being me,” he said. “…I just give props when due and I feel like you do your job. I feel like you’re doing what you gotta do and I feel like you’re getting where you gotta get to.”

The Content Creator Drops A Bag On Funny Marco

As the conversation continued, Althoff shared that her platform, ‘The Really Good Podcast,’ “blew up” after her episode interviewing Marco was published in June 2023. To note, as of today, the episode currently sits at over 5 million views.

“I feel like that really blew up for me,” she said. “It took me to a different level.”

At that point, Althoff let Marco know that she had a gift for him.

Then, the content creator pulled out a Wal-mart bag full of stacks for Marco. According to an Instagram post shared by Marco, Althoff gifted him $50,000.

Check out their exchange below.

Social Media Reacts To The Pair’s Sit Down

YouTube users reacted to the pair’s sit down in the video’s comment section.

YouTube user @@UptopNBC wrote,Let’s normalize breaking bread with people…

While YouTube user @SOULREBEL999 added, “No comparison needed , I pray both Bobbi and Marco achieve whatever goals they have set for each other. God bless all”

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