Over the weekend, news broke that Bow Wow and his ex Kiyomi Leslie were both arrested after they got into a fight. Now more details about what happened during the fight have become available.

According to TMZ, Leslie called the police around 4am to report Bow Wow for assault. She claims the fight occurred when they got back home from a party. Once they were home, she claims Bow Wow was upset about her talking to another man at the party.

In the police report obtained by the site, Leslie claims that Bow Wow allegedly hit her in the head, pulled her by the hair, dragged her from her bedroom and told her to get out.

Bow Wow reportedly acknowledged that he was upset at her for talking to another man, telling police she “disrespected him” by hanging “all over another man’s body.” Reportedly, he also said that Leslie called him a “b**ch a** n****” when he confronted her about her behavior.

He says when they got home he told her to leave and placed her bags by the door. As we previously reported, a rep for Bow Wow says she reportedly threw a lamp at him. Bow Wow says that she missed, but scratched up his face, which was obvious in his mugshot.

An officer at the scene said that he did see the lamp on the floor when he entered the room and also red marks on Leslie’s fingers as well as broken fingernails.

In a statement, we received from a rep for Bow Wow, he claims that Leslie was the aggressor in the situation.

After his release, Bow Wow continued to enjoy the Super Bowl festivities out in Atlanta.