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Brooklyn Man Accused Of Using Deaf Video Chat Services To Masturbate Live Over 4500 Times!

There are surely some sick people in the world and 51- year-old, David Marcano, has made it even sicker!

According to the NY Post, Marcano is accused of using hearing impaired video services to fulfill very personal needs! 

The perv used ZVRS’ services, which is a software that allows the deaf to call sign-language interpreters via video chat, to masturbate live! 

Even though Marcano isn’t deaf, it has been reported that he has placed over 4,500 calls since January, just to showcase his indecent exposure.

NY Post says the interpreters act as operators who place calls to third parties on behalf of the deaf person and then translate the call in sign language. The company supposedly receives federal funding each time a deaf person uses the services as well.

David apparently stumbled upon the service and took advantage for his own personal needs.

The lawsuit suggests that, “In every call made through ZVRS’s software platform, Marcano appears on the video call for the purpose of exposing his genitals or masturbating to ZVRS’s female staff.” 

The company has taken action and terminated his account but that hasn’t stopped David. He’s bounced back with 24 different accounts, at least eight different phone numbers and more than five different usernames. 

His last tracked offense was as recent as September 21!

The lawsuit further claims that, “The calls have cost the company productivity and business and left ZVRS’s employees with emotional distress, the firm claims.”

Moving forward, ZVRS is seeking an injunction against David in attempt to halt his use of the products and services. They are alleging he is guilty of fraud and breach of contract –seeing as how he falsely signed up for a product that he doesn’t need. 

The company sent him a message to each of his email address he used to create his 24 fake accounts. No response.

Let’s pray he finds a new hobby… SOON! Let’s chat below !



Source: NY Post,

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