Body Camera Footage Shows Police Were Called To Courtney Clenney & Christian Obumseli's Apartment Building Days Before His Murder

Body Camera Footage Shows Police Were Called To Courtney Clenney & Christian Obumseli’s Apartment Building Days Before His Murder

As many of you know, back in August OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney was charged with the murder of her boyfriend Christian Obumseli. Since her arrest, there have been details about their troubled relationship that have been rising to the surface. On Tuesday, new body camera footage showed that police were called to Courtney and Christan’s apartment building days before his murder.

In footage obtained by Local 10nNews, Courtney could be seen talking with police, as she claimed to have been scared of Christian and that she wanted a restraining order against him. According to the news outlet, a building employee called the police in regard to a domestic disturbance that had reportedly taken place between Courtney and Christian.

In the video, which was captured on April 1st, two days before the murder, the building employee is seen telling officers, “Her boyfriend comes charging towards her and we try to get in the middle of it.”

In another clip from the body camera footage, Courtney tells the officers,

“Right now, I have not always been a victim, right now I am a freaking victim in this situation. I’m scared to go downstairs and walk my dogs. I want a restraining order against Christian Obumseli.”

Officers went upstairs to their apartment, but Christian was not there when they arrived. They also let Courtney know that if he lives in the apartment and has his belongings there, they could not kick him out. They informed her that she was not exactly clear on what she was seeking to happen.

The police later tell the building employee that she never disclosed that there was any violence that had taken place that night.

The officer said,

“Until she says she wants to do something about it, that’s when we step in that’s criminal activity, but she needs to mention something about that, unfortunately, we can’t do anything.”


As previously reported, in footage from months before Christian’s murder, Courtney was seen attacking Christian while they were in an elevator.

Courtney is facing a second-degree murder charge, back in August, her attorney argued that her charge should be “at best” manslaughter.”




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