The family of “Cartel Crew” star Salome, who is also known as Betty Idol, is mourning the loss of her 17-year-old sister and wanting answers for a crime they can’t make sense of.

On Monday, 17-year-old Giselle was fatally shot at an AirBnb in Miami where she was reportedly hanging out with four friends, including a boy she was dating. While the four teens told police the shooting was an accident, Salome and her family have a strong feeling her friends are not being entirely truthful about what happened, along with receipts to support their suspicions.

The suspected shooter, identified by authorities as 17-year-old Michael McGowan, now faces a charge of manslaughter with a deadly weapon, according to the Miami Herald. Giselle’s family is strongly pushing for a capital murder charge for the alleged shooter as Miami police continue to investigate the homicide.

“Why would they take my sister away from her family?” Salome tells us. “My mom has to live with this and I have to live with this now…We’re never going to see her again. I can’t call her and I can’t touch her.”

Salome and her family have good reason to be suspicious about the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death.

Salome has been diligently trying to get to the truth about what happened, making endless calls to authorities and posting receipts she’s found on social media.

She’s also tried to make contact with her sister’s friends who were witnesses to the shooting and tell us that one of the girls involved has been inconsistent with her version of the story.

Salome alleges her sister’s friend, who reportedly initially told police the shooting was accidental, has confessed that she didn’t actually see the shooting and just went along with what the others were saying.

Salome also obtained a Snapchat video of the alleged shooter with a gun, reportedly before the shooting, showing a bullet inside. There was also video that was allegedly captured from his Snapchat after the shooting, where he posted a picture saying, “I’m going away for a long time” followed with another picture simply saying, “goodbye.”

A woman believed to be McGowan’s sister was seen on Instagram Live allegedly bragging about the shooting, according to Salome.

The same woman posted a video to her page on Thursday saying to free her brother. Part of her caption also said, “I will do anything I can to help you even if it ruins me.”

Salome also obtained alleged text messages between a girl who is a friend to the shooter and Giselle’s best friend.

The friend of the shooter alleged in the texts that Giselle did something stupid and got “herself killed” before threatening Giselle’s friend.

For now, all Salome and her family can do is to continue what they’ve been doing in hopes that they’ll get the answers they’re searching for. They’re also hoping that police will consider the evidence they were able to gather.

“That doesn’t seem like an accident to me,” Salome said, fighting back tears. “I don’t believe anything those kids say.”

She continued, “My sister was such a good girl. She was so sweet, smiling all the time.”

Salome made one last appeal to GIselle’s friends.

“They have to tell the truth. At least our family deserves the truth. It hurts so bad and they just want to laugh on Instagram about it.”

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