Cashier Charged For Dousing Black Homeless Woman In Water

Cashier Charged After Pouring Water On Black Homeless Woman During ‘Bitterly Cold’ Weather

A woman in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been charged after unapologetically dousing a homeless woman with water during a cold front.

Employee Loses Her Cool: ‘I’m Sick Of This S**t!’

The incident—which was recorded— went down on Monday, and it shows a Triple S Food Mart employee pouring a bucket of water on a homeless woman.

In the video, the employee is seen yelling for at least three individuals to leave the premises. She then approaches a woman sitting around the corner of the establishment and throws a bucket of water on her while yelling, “Move. I’m not telling y’all again. Move it!…I’m sick of this s**t!”

The person recording the ordeal appears to be in agreement with the clerk, as he instructs the individuals to “get out the parking lot” as the employee continues yelling.

Towards the end of her tirade, the employee also seems to complain about how the homeless people were making the establishment look.

We should also add that—just a week ahead of the incident—Baton Rouge officials instructed locals to brace for a “bitterly cold” Christmas weekend, which speaks to just how cold the weather was at the time.

The Public Responds: ‘You The Weakest B***h In Baton Rouge’

The video was soon uploaded online, though most viewers felt as though the matter went too far.

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome soon addressed the situation in a statement, WAFB reports.

“An incident over the holiday weekend involving a person who appears to be homeless has caught the attention of our community. This incident emphasizes the continued need for our outreach efforts.”

Broome added that the city’s Behavioral Health Homeless Outreach Team (HOT Team) ultimately got in contact with the homeless individual, as well as the business, to spread awareness of available support services.

“We hope something like this never happens again considering the available resources.”

Additionally, the store’s owner—Abdullah Muflahi—shared that he immediately terminated the employee after seeing the video.

The Suspect Was Charged With Simple Battery

In addition to being terminated, Kacey was issued a misdemeanor simple battery warrant.

After being charged, it was notably uncovered that she had a lengthy history of being arrested. WAFB reports that her record includes charges ranging from theft to drug possession.

What do you think about the overall situation?


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