Roommates, how many of us sleep with our hair wrapped in a bonnet or silk scarf? The accurate answer is most likely our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, cousins, your crush’s boo that you be lurking on—basically almost every black woman you’ll come across.

With that being said, Sarah Marantz, inventor of the ‘NiteCap’, is being dragged on social media for selling $98 bonnets. Sarah apparently got the idea of her invention—I use that word lightly—when she was planning her wedding. She claims she was experiencing breakouts on her face, neck and back at the time and wanted something that would protect her hair and skin when she slept. Her website claims that the silk scarf preserved her hair and complexion.

“To her delight, she noticed how much better her hair looked in the morning, her blowouts lasted longer and yes, her skin improved too,” it states.

Understandably so, people are not too pleased by the invention mainly because it’s nothing new for black women who’ve been using this “hack” for decades. In addition to that, there was no reference or mention of inspiration to the history of bonnets and where this idea originated from. Of course we can’t forget the outrageous price.

What do y’all think Roommates?