Ceaser Emanuel Denies All Child Abuse Allegations Made By His Ex & Daughter (Exclusive)

Ceaser Emanuel Denies All Child Abuse Allegations Made By His Ex & Daughter (Exclusive)

Whew! Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser Emanuel has been in the hot seat as of late, Roomies, as his daughter and the mother of his child have been calling him out on social media for alleged abuse. If y’all recall, Ceaser’s ex Crystal and their daughter Cheyenne have taken to Instagram to allege that he has been a negligent father, and we got the tea on what’s been going down from Ceaser’s perspective.

We haven’t seen Cease address much on the socials, but if y’all were wondering how he’s feeling right now…it isn’t good. Ceaser revealed to The Shade Room that not only has he not been able to contact his daughter in months, but the riff in their relationship might be stemming from his recent engagement.

Now here’s the tea. According to Ceaser’s attorney, Crystal filed documents with the court prohibiting him from having any contact with Cheyenne and demanding he stay at least 10 miles away from her at all times. This was around the time that Cheyenne made her very first allegation about Ceaser being an abusive father.

If y’all have been keeping up, Crystal recently took to Instagram live to reveal that Ceaser sent their daughter a cease and desist. Turns out, the document was not addressed to Cheyenne, who is currently a minor, but to her mother.

Ceaser has denied all of the allegations made by Crystal and Cheyenne, and when we asked about the reasoning behind all of this, he could only think of one answer–his current relationship.

Cease revealed to us that his relationship with Crystal and Cheyenne was going pretty well up until he posted about his new girlfriend. He claims Crystal is unhappy with him being with someone new, and is in turn “manipulating” their daughter to turn against him.

Ceaser let us know that his main goal is to clear his name and repair his relationship with his daughter, noting that he “would do anything” to get back into a good place with her.


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