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Dababy comes from Charlotte, North Carolina. His real name is Jonathan Kirk. The rapper rose to fame when his 2019 debut studio album, Baby on Baby, reached the number 7 position on Billboard 200.

Following the string of success, Kirk continued to release successful studio albums. His second self-titled album peaked at number one. Both albums cradled monster hits such as Bop, Intro, and Suge, all charting at the highest positions on the Billboard Hot 100.

Aside from his solo work, Kirk has been featured on numerous songs. He collaborated with a lot of popular rappers and R&B singers. He’s worked with artists and musicians like Megan Thee Stallion, Camilla Cabello, and Post Mallone.

Early Life

Jonathan Kirk, also known as Dababy, was born on December 22, 1991, in Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of 8, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. He spent most of his childhood there, and that was when he developed an interest in rap and hip-hop music.

After graduating from Vance High School in 2010, Dababy started considering the idea of becoming a fulltime, professional musician. His musical journey began in 2015. His debut mixtape, Nonfiction, made waves in the hip-hop underground, and many eyes turned to him.

He continued his good work, releasing an entire series of mixtapes called God’s Work. This Opus Grande consisted of three essential mixtapes that raised the young rapper to stardom: Back on My Baby Jesus Sh*t, Billion Dollar Baby, and Baby Talk. Four years late, Interscope, a popular hip-hop label, contacted Kirk.

The label offered him a contract, and Kirk signed with them. In 2019, Dababy decided to start his own label, so he made all necessary preparations. He named his label after his mixtape, Billion Dollar Baby. From that moment on, things were set in motion for young Kirk.


After two successful full-length studio albums and a series of self-produced mixtapes, as well as his own label, Dababy was ready to conquer the world. His rise to fame started in 2019, with the release of his debut album, Baby on Baby. The album was released and promoted heavily by Interscope Records.

Dababy was approached by the head of South Coast Music Group, offering him a deal. Kirk decided to take it, and together with Interscope, he was now looking at a joint contract with both record houses.

His debut album was conceptualized as a project consisting of thirteen individual tracks. Each track featured a guest appearance from prominent, rising hip-hop and R&B artists. The names that appeared were the likes of Stunna 4 Vegas, Rich the Kid, Rich Homie Quan, Offset, and many more.

The Billboard 200 albums chart listed his debut album at number 25. His monster hit, Suge, peaked at leading positions across numerous charts, most notably number 87 on the Billboard Hot 100, which later rose to the top 10.

The album was such a massive commercial success that it was widely accepted by both media and fans. Dababy became a star overnight and was featured on the covers of many magazines, including the cover of XXL’s Freshman Class of 2019.

Kirk is one of those rare artists who managed to repeat his success. His second studio album was an even bigger success than the previous one, topping all charts at leading positions. He continued collaborating with the biggest rap stars, paving his way towards fame.

He achieved such a success with these two albums that he had the most entries on the Billboard Hot 100 for the year 2019.

Dababy Relationships: Who Has He Dated?

When it comes to love life, Kirk has been quite a private person. Very little is known about his relationships. Even though he’s heavily followed on social platforms by an entire army of admirers and fans, Dababy has never publicly said anything regarding being in a relationship.

In the News

When it comes to the hottest gossip surrounding the young rap star, Dababy was drawn into a scandal, when he struck a female fan on his way to the stage.

There was also a story about his music promoter being jumped and robbed by Dababy’s music crew, for owing him a great deal of money over a couple of performances in Miami.

During that alleged robbery, Dababy and his crew took a credit card, an iPhone 7, and some cash from the promoter. The young rapper was charged and released within 48 hours.

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