Celebrities Who Rekindled Romances With Their Exes In 2023

That’s My Bae! Celebrities Who Spun The Block On Their Exes In 2023

Whew! 2023 seemed to be the year of rekindled romances, and no one proved that better than some of the entertainment industry’s biggest and trendy stars.

From Ashanti and Nelly to Summer Walker and Lil Meech, here’s a look at a few couples who spun the block and found happiness with their ex-bae this year.

Rekindled Romances: Ashanti & Nelly

The ‘Body On Me’ artists had fans peeping their movements in early 2023. Ashanti and Nelly had social media in a chokehold in April after popping out to a Gervonta Davis match hand-in-hand. This came months after a spicy performance between the pair in December 2022. Before that, the innanet streets circulated a video of Nelly enthusiastically greeting Ashanti at Fat Joe and Ja Rule’s Verzuz battle in 2021.

In September of this year, Nelly finally confirmed their rekindled romance during an interview with Rasheeda Frost. The pair celebrated each other’s birthdays with lavish gifts in October and November.

Most recently, folks on social media have speculated Ashanti and Nelly are expecting a child. However, neither has confirmed or denied the reports.

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Summer Walker & Lil Meech

Now, these two! Lil Meech became the face of a new meme in 2023 when he claimed to be helping a “cousin” with “groceries.” Video of Meech entering a woman’s apartment in July surfaced amid rumors of a breakup with Summer Walker. Timestamps showed he spent 17 minutes inside the woman’s Houston spot.

Shortly after, the singer took to social media, seemingly blasting her ex for his behavior.

“It’s just crazy how a n***a will really try to pursue the f**k out of you for 2 years, make you meet they whole family, wanna be around you and your kids all day & pay bills just to embarrass you to the world lmao. I don’t understand men but ima give it to God,” Summer wrote, adding a laughing emoticon.

Then, three months later, the pair were spotted looking cozy at the pumpkin patch in October. Days later, Summer shared more moments of what looked like a rekindled romance. Mr. Cousin Helper was pictured planting a kiss on Summer’s cheek!

Most recently, the ‘Girls Need Love’ artist shut down pregnancy rumors but revealed her hopes for expanding her family in the future.

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Rekindled Romances: Toni Braxton & Birdman

One thing about Toni Braxton and Birdman, they gon’ keep us on our toes and out their bidness! Before they reportedly began dating in 2016, the pair had shared nearly two decades of friendship. She revealed their engagement in 2018 and, later that year, said Birdman was eager to walk down the aisle.

But, by 2020, the singer was still singing the same tune. During a radio show call-in, she said she and the music mogul had still been debating a wedding date. Break-up reports have surfaced throughout the years, as their relationship (and additional wedding talks) remained private.

Then, in November, the singer shared a selfie with Birdman on her Instagram account –renewing hope that they were still going strong! In the caption, she wrote, “sending Sunday kisses.”

Then, over the weekend, she took to social media again. This time, she cleared the air on ‘secret wedding’ rumors while dropping a bombshell. It seems Toni might’ve spun the block but sped off!

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