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Bree Runway

Bree Runway is a British rapper and songwriter that rose to the stars in the past three years after signing for EMI Records back in 2018. Her most-known work was her single “Apeshit,” which raised many controversies after its release.

Early life

Brenda Wirenko Mensah, now known as Bree Runway, was born on November 18th, 1992, where she lived most of her life in The London Borough of Hackney. Being of Ghanaian descent, she struggled at a young age with racist abuse. The issue went to the extent that she even bleached her skin and suffered from a skin disorder.

Having to go through a young age coping with such problems, Bree had to develop a firm character that would help her go through life feeling much safer and confident. In her early years, she claimed that she always dreamed of becoming a musician. Not until she signed up for a Music Technology subject in her school, no one could see that she possessed a true talent for making music.

After learning the basics of making music, she slowly began learning how to write and sing songs. After getting better at performing, she sang for Michele Obama when visiting her school and being praised by the former First Lady of the US.

Many believe that this performance gave her the boost to continue pursuing her career and make her dreams come true.


Before signing for EMI Records that brought her to the international scene as a rising star, Bree Runway began her professional career back in 2015 with the release of an EP called RNWY 01, and later next year, the next one called Bouji.

However, a single that raised the most attention was the hit “What Do I Tell My Friends?”, which she wrote and produced a video for by herself. The song’s topic was about the exploitation of women in the fashion industry, and it had over a hundred thousand views at an early stage.

After catching the public’s attention, Bree Runway signed for EMI Records and soon after released her major publication called “2ON.” Toyota later used it for a car commercial and popularized it even more.

Since then, Bree Runway has published many works and even cooperated with other performers and now is one of the most popular artists in the UK and further. The latest work was her performing in Jimmy Edgar’s remix of Lady Gaga’s song “Babylon” in September 2021.


These are her releases as the lead artist:

  • “Butterfly” 2016
  • “What Do I Tell My Friends” 2017
  • “2ON” 2019
  • “Big Racks” 2019
  • “All Night” 2019
  • “Apeshit” 2020
  • “Damn Daniel” 2020
  • “Gucci” 2020
  • “Little Nokia” 2020
  • “ATM” 2020
  • “Hot Hot” 2021
  • “Space Ghost Coast To Coast” 2021


Bree Runway is not married, and she proclaims herself as a Queer. While her sex life remains a mystery, we know that she still has no official partner. She became a parent last year after adopting her cousin after her aunt’s passing.

After becoming an unexpected parent, Bree Runways commits her time to make a better life for her adopted four-year-old daughter.

In the news

Bree Runway performed last week in London in Hoxton’s Colours, where she outdid herself and gathered a crowd of fans too big for the hall. Her outstanding performance of all her major hits set the crowd on fire. After her remarkable performance, she stood in awe in front of her loyal fans in disbelief that she managed to organize and perform in such an event with such energy.

All experts agree that after a performance like that, she will need to start booking much bigger event halls to accommodate everyone interested in listening to her perform live on stage.


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