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Brittney Spencer

Brittney Spencer was born in Baltimore, MD, but her love for imagination, storytelling, molding life, and truth took her to Nashville, where she came to pursue her dreams of writing and singing country music in 2013. Brittney is a free-spirited woman with numerous musical spaces.

Personal Life

Early Life

Growing up in Baltimore, she experienced and learned a lot from the church, to which she credits most of the foundations of her work as a singer and songwriter. In the days of the beginnings of her career, she sang, recorded, and traveled with Carrie Underwood, United Pursuit, Jason Nelson, Carl Thomas, The Clark Sisters, Twinkie Clark, and more.


Brittney Spencer revealed some parts of her unsuccessful relationship in her song “Sorry don’t work no more,” where she decided to wear her boyfriend’s shoes, who has been unfaithful. There is a crescendo in the song where Spencer highlights that saying you’re sorry doesn’t lead to forgiveness, but we say it anyway.


Spencer was working as a minister of music in Baltimore at an AME church, where she was exposed to religion and the role culture has in music. Gaining much of her experiences from there, Spencer decided to move to Nashville.

Brittney Spencer graduated in 2017 from Middle Tennessee State University and acquired a degree in PR, concentrated around the business in music. Her love for uniquely conveying human experience through storytelling was always paved with faith and opened the doors to the Common Hymnal family for her in 2016.

During her first year in Nashville, where she moved in 2013, she just went around town to listen to music and didn’t sing anywhere. After a while, she started busking with a guitar to see what people would stop for and listen to.

After someone posted a video of Brittney Spencer on YouTube, she got support from Amanda and Maren, who asked her to write with them, which Spencer describes as the biggest gift she got because they treated her like someone creative. Morris from The Highwomen invited Spencer to sing with them, stating, “Brilliant, come sing with us!”

In July 2020, Spencer released her debut EP called “Compassion.”


Spencer wrote a song, “Damn right, you’re wrong,” in the light of BLM (Black Lives Matter) when numerous black female artists refused to bend anymore. With her lyrics, “You thought you had me figured out / Oh well, guess you were wrong / Damn right, you’re wrong,” Spencer decided to be herself and address the burning issue of African-Ameican people in the US.

Spencer stated that “I have the responsibility, to tell the truth, which some see as activism,” and the activism of her work can be compared to that of Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Bob Dylan. Activism has many forms, and Spencer chose the one where she just wants to tell the truth.

In The News

“A good story is always worth telling,” Spencer says, adding that the way it’s told is not that important. She openly stated in an interview that a significant part of her history is carved in Baltimore City and the church.

She was aware of her roots when she embarked upon her journey to Nashville to make country music. “But that part of my life story was just the beginning of creating what I am today,” says Brittney, adding that she will never lose her roots in her style of singing and writing, even though she learns something new each day.


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