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Corey Gamble

Corey Gamble is an American television personality who is best known for being Kris Jenner’s boyfriend.

Personal Life

Early life

Corey Gamble was born November 10, 1980. He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and went to Westlake High School. After high school, Corey Gamble went on to Morehouse College to study business marketing. Corey Gamble tends to be private about his personal life, as well as his family and friends.


Corey Gamble is currently in a relationship with business mogul and American TV personality Kris Jenner. Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner met in August 2014 in Ibiza, Spain at designer Riccardo Tisci’s 40th birthday party. The couple split briefly in 2017 so Kris could focus on her family, however, the two quickly got back together.

The two continue to be in a committed relationship, however, it seems the two will never get engaged. When asked about a future engagement on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Kris said that marriage was off the table, due to her past two failed marriages.

The relationship has stirred gossip based on the two’s age difference (Gamble is 40 and Jenner is 65). This makes Gamble closer to Kris Jenner’s children’s age. However, the couple has ignored any criticism.


Corey Gamble used to work under American media proprietor Scooter Braun at SB projects and was a tour manager for pop star Justin Beiber. Today, his net worth is said to be $2.5 million.

Television Appearances

Starting in March 2015, Corey Gamble has made several appearances on the hit reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Over the years on the show, Corey Gamble has been involved in drama on the show. One well-known moment on the show is when Corey Gamble got into a heated fight with Scott Disick. While talking about Scott and Kourtney’s daughter’s behavioral issues, Gamble mentions that he would “whip” her, resulting in a viral blowout from Scott Disick. In the later seasons of the show, Gamble catches himself in the middle of a feud between sisters Kendall and Kylie.

Corey Gamble’s appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians have granted him most of his fame. Today, Corey Gamble has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

In The News

Today, Corey Gamble seems to be living pretty privately and spending time with Kris Jenner and family. To keep up with all future Corey Gamble news, be sure to bookmark The Shade Room.


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