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Hazel-E is a rapper, actress, TV personality, publicist, entrepreneur, brand consultant, and social media celebrity. Take a look at her early life, how she rose to fame, and what she’s been up to recently.

Early Life

Born Erica Tiffany Adams in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hazel-E is also known as Arica Kane, Hazel-E Baby, and Hazel Eyes. From a very young age, she became quite interested in music and the entertainment industry.

She and her family moved a lot, but she managed to stay focused on her music. She graduated from Southwest Texas State University, before starting to release mixtapes and dipping her toes in the acting world.


Hazel-E started her musical journey when she was 17. She released her debut mixtape, Shoe Fetish, in 2008, which quickly became quite popular. Her second mixtape, Valley Girl, followed in 2010 and put Hazel-E in the limelight.

She soon became a publicist and started working with lots of successful artists, including Gnarls Barkley, Tank, Soulja Boy, and Trey Songz. In 2014, she joined the VH1’s TV show Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, which further propelled her to stardom. She continued releasing her music and used the TV show to promote it.

Personal Life

Hazel-E Relationships: Who Has She Dated?

Hazel-E is currently dating a model, Devon B, with whom she stars in the TV show Marriage Boot Camp.

Hazel-E has also been in relationships with:

Ray J (2002-2003)

Yung Berg (2006-2014)

Daniel Gibson (2013-2013)

Chet Hanks (2014-2014)

Katt Williams (2014-2016)

Rose Burgundy (2016-2018)

Lucky Whitehead (2019-2019)


Ava Dior Waller is currently engaged to Devon Waller. In April of 2020, Hazel-E and Devon welcomed their first child, Ava Dior Waller.

In the News

Hazel-E has recently run into some controversy. On her show Marriage Boot Camp, she got into a fight with Shanda Denyse after insulting darker-skinned African American women.

Hazel-E’s fiance, Devon B, and Denyse’s husband, Willie Taylor, also got into a fight. The entire brawl led to production shutting down. As soon as we know more about how the situation unfolds, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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