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Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe is an extremely talented R&B singer and songwriter who managed to shake the world of music with her new albums that brought a fresh turn to R&B music. She’s become a sensation in the R&B scene while her futuristic albums The Electric Lady and The ArchAndroid paved the way for a new shape of sound to come.

Early Life

Janelle Monáe was born in Kansas City in 1985. Her musical career started very early – she had her first performances when she was just a child. Her father was a garbage truck driver, and her mother was a janitor.

Even though the famous singer came from a poor working-class family, she used her background and upraising to find her path. Her father struggled with drug addiction when she was young. Even as a child, her talent and skill were more than obvious. She was a brilliant and highly artistic child with an incredible voice. It was her singing at the local Baptist church that got her into music.


The singer managed to get a big break in 2005 when Big Boi invited her to perform on several OutKast tracks. It got her a record deal with the famous producer Sean Combs, also known as Puff Daddy. She signed her first record deal with Combs’ Bad Boy Records label.

Monáe released her debut album, The ArchAndroid, in 2010, and it rose her to fame. The album charted pretty high on many charts, hitting No. 17 on the Billboard U.S. album chart. Aside from fame and popularity, the album also brought Janelle a GRAMMY nomination.

Energized with such success, Janelle sealed her fame with the sophomore follow up The Electric Lady. Released in 2013, the album was accepted very well by media and fans. It featured the biggest names from pop and R&B world, Erykah Badu and Prince.

With the third album on the way, Monáe decided to try out some movie roles. She branched into the movie industry and made her appearances in Hidden Figures and Moonlight in 2016. Her third album, Dirty Computer, was released in 2018, and it took the world by storm, earning her even more fame and an army of fans.

Aside from her futuristic music vision, it’s also her stunningly beautiful voice that sets Monáe apart from other R&B singers. Her creativity has no limits, and with such a powerful voice, Monáe might reshape the R&B genre as we know it.

It’s no wonder that she conquered the world of contemporary R&B relatively easily. With eight GRAMMY nominations under her belt and support from mega-popular musicians from all over the globe, Monáe is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Janelle Monáe Relationships: Who Has She Dated?

Perhaps the most interesting detail from the life of Janelle Monáe is her love life. She decided to come out at the 2018 Grammys, where she admitted that she’s fighting for the gay population and their rights.

She also addressed the rumors about her sexual orientation and stated that being a black female and queer in America isn’t easy. According to her own words, Monáe considers herself to be pansexual.

She likes people for what they are, and their gender identity is the last thing she cares for. The singer also stated that she’s attracted to both women and men, but the thing she values the most is her own freedom.

When it comes to her relationships, little is known about the identity of persons she dated. In fact, Monáe never actually made a public announcement about any of her relationships or partners.

The identity of people whom she has dated remains a mystery.

In the News

While her two previous albums established Monáe as one of the most successful rising stars in contemporary R&B, she doesn’t plan on stopping. Dirty Computer launched her to stardom and got her a GRAMMY nomination for Album of the Year. Her third single, PYNK, also earned her a Best Music Video GRAMMY nomination.

Unfortunately, Monáe didn’t win in either category. Still, she managed to amaze everyone at the 2019 awards ceremony by delivering one of the most breathtaking and touching performances.

What happens next in a turbulent life of the young rising R&B star remains to be seen. The world of music knows Monáe to be extremely innovative, creative, and persistent.

She has a thing for overcoming any obstacles in her way, and she is fully dedicated to creating challenging music. Stay up to date with Janelle Monáe’s life and career by staying tuned with The Shade Room!


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