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Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey is a popular model and internet personality, best known for being the stepdaughter of extremely popular TV Show Host, Steve Harvey. She is also well known for her highly publicized and monitored relationship with rapper/producer Sean “P. Diddy“ Combs.

She is also very popular in the Equestrian community winning several awards and medals for her horseback riding abilities. She gave up on her Olympic aspirations after suffering a career-ending back injury in 2015.

Early Life

Lori Harvey was born on January 13th, 1997, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. She has found herself in the public eye ever since her childhood, due to her stepfather’s celebrity status. She fell in love with horses and horseback riding from an early age and has been a successful Equestrian ever since.

Her mother is a fashion designer, and Lori says that she is the biggest inspiration behind her own fashion design and modeling efforts. After suffering a grave injury and giving up on horseback riding, Lori has begun modeling and designing.


Due to her father’s fame, Lori Harvey’s career was destined for success even before she decided to pursue it. Her modeling career has given her amazing success, leading to numerous brand deals, modeling deals, and even her own fashion clothing line.

Even when she was a child, she has appeared on numerous child fashion shows which gave her a head start in the industry. She is currently signed to two different modeling agencies, LA Models and Select Model management. The highlight of her modeling career was her appearance at both Paris and Milan Fashion Week and her appearance in Dolce Gabbana’s catalogs.

Her modeling career also got a head start because of her relationship with popular rapper and producer P. Diddy. After their breakup, Lori has enjoyed a successful and stable advancement of her career.

In the News

Lori Harvey has found herself in the news several times. Her highly publicized rocky relationship with P. Diddy has not only garnered her fame but has dragged her into Diddy’s controversial personality.

After reportedly dating P. Diddy’s son, her switch to the father was questioned by most. The age gap of a staggering 30 years has also raised several eyebrows. Ever since the couple split, Lori has faced backlash for her taste in men.

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