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Masika Kalysha

The famous reality TV personality Masika Kalysha is an American reality star who appeared in numerous music videos by the biggest American hip hop and R&B stars. Before she became a reality star, Masika was a model who managed to gain the attention of the public.

Early Life

Before fame and popularity, Masika Kalysha was a not-so-successful student and she mostly worked as a hostess. Still, she always had a thing for music and acting so her father got her into show business where she got a chance to try off her hidden talents. With a lot of encouragement and support from her family, Masika was dedicated to finding her place under the sun as a multitalented artist, songwriter, singer, model, and actress.

Music Career & Rise to Stardom

Masika released three singles all on her own. She independently got connected with Empire distributors and managed to release three singles: Bad, No More, and Hella Hollywood. At that time, she realized that she wants something more than just music, so she made her first appearance on the big screen in a movie, Three Can Play That Game.

She got her next chance at fame in the Playboy scripted series, 7 Lives Exposed. Her talent started to show, and she got her first big opportunity – Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

After that, Masika was a worldwide recognized actress and musician with doors opening everywhere. The reality show helped her to reach new heights of fame.

In the News

Masika had a relationship with a controversial rapper, Fetty Wap, who was a large reason Masika was launched to popularity. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long, and it left Masika as a single mother, having to take care of her newborn daughter.

Masika felt that Fetty isn’t the right man to be the father to her child, so she left him and decided to move on her own. The next man in her life was also a famous rapper, Gucci Mane.

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