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Queen Naija

Queen Naija is a successful YouTube vlogger and a singer/songwriter on the rise. She quickly gained notice with her singing prowess and is becoming one of the most interesting R&B artists of our generation.

Take a look at everything she’s done so far, how her career’s advanced, and check out why she’s back in the spotlight once again.

Early Life

She was born on October 17, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan. Her birth name is, in fact, Queen Naija Bulls. She shares her grandmother’s first name, while “Naija” is in honor of her father.

Naija’s of mixed ethnicity, describing herself as black, Arab, and Italian. Her father comes from Yemen, and her mother is African American, but not much is known about them.

She married Christopher Sails in 2017, and together they had a son. Christopher and she worked on their YouTube channel “Chris and Queen” together, all up until their highly publicized divorce.


Her career started when she joined the eighth season of American Idol. She did try to enter the show two years prior but did not advance.

This time, she made it to the Hollywood round but was eventually eliminated. Her time on the show was enough to earn her some recognition, though, and she used it to her advantage.

Immediately after Idol, she started her YouTube channel where she truly showcased her musical talents, sharing her music, story time, and some makeup-related videos.

Her divorce from Chris was a public affair, as they used the vlog to hurl cheating allegations and more at each other. Their channel has since been deleted.

She channeled her anger surrounding the whole ordeal through her song Medicine which garnered her millions of followers and debuted at number 45 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the News

After the release of Jacquees’s remix of Queen’s song Karma, there were rumors that she was working on her latest album.

Those rumors have now been confirmed, as she recently tweeted “I can’t wait til this album so I can show y’all what’s REALLY good”.

Her loyal fans and followers are waiting in anticipation for it to drop.

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