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Quince is a popular reality TV personality and personal trainer, being famous for his leading role in the hit TV show The Biggest Loser. He is known as a wholesome and mild personality privately while maintaining a strict facade in his show and training regime.

He has released numerous training videos that focus on maintaining personal fitness and losing weight and is a well-known model, inspiring thousands to get fit.

Early Life

Dolvett Quince was born on August 20th, 1973 in Connecticut. He had a rough upbringing, growing alongside four other children in an adoptive family. He was raised by a Jamaican couple, and he praises the social worker for keeping his adoptive family together.

Quince refined his love for fitness after starting his career at a local YMCA and focusing mainly on personal training and achieving optimal personal physical perfection. After being noticed by numerous people for his great training routines and regimes, he started getting more and more work.


Quince has worked as a celebrity personal trainer for most of his professional career. Getting there was no easy journey through, as Quince has attributed his success to trial and error. He opened his first gym called “Body Sculptor” and slowly and surely started getting media attention for his effectiveness.

He found mainstream success when he joined the cast of the insanely popular reality TV show The Biggest Loser, where he helped numerous people get in shape and get their life back on track.

He’s worked with numerous celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, and numerous others. He has released numerous fitness DVDs and programs, all of which have found moderate success.

Since 2014, he has also tried his hand in acting. He has appeared on the cult TV movie Sharknado 4, playing a personal trainer. He is no stranger to TV appearances, as he appeared in numerous interviews and talk shows.

In the News

Quince found himself in the news frequently, commenting on the physiques of celebrities. His comments were taken as wholesome and well-intentioned, not critiquing but advising.

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