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RuPaul is a charismatic entertainer, singer, and actor. Thanks to his vast self-confidence, he managed to become a nation-wide star and a pillar for the LGBTQ community in the US and word wide. He is most famous for roles in TV shows such as RuPaul’s Drag U and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Early Life

RuPaul was born on November 17, 1960, in San Diego, California. His birth name is RuPaul Andre Charles. His parents divorced when RuPaul was only seven years old. Beside him, his parents had three daughters. In a home with four women, RuPaul became interested in women’s clothing as a young boy. He began wearing his sisters’ clothes, trying his best to look like his idols Jane Fonda and Diana Ross.

He decided to pursue a better life in his teens and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with his sister and her husband. In Atlanta, he attended the Northside School of Performing Arts. RuPaul didn’t graduate, though, but the school helped him learn a lot about the world of showbiz.


RuPaul’s career starts in the band RuPaul and the U-Hauls. The group appeared on-air in the local TV program The American Music Show. After the band split, RuPaul formed Wee Wee Pole. RuPaul kept working on his career as an actor. At this time, all he could do was land uncredited roles in small movies.

After moving to New York, RuPaul started performing in drag. It took him just a couple of years to become “the Queen of New York.”

He was finally recognized as a signer in 1993 after releasing his debut album Supermodel of the World under Tommy Boy Records. His exposure and popularity were crowned by Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, a duet with Elton John. Many new albums followed, including Ho Ho Ho in 1997, Red Hot in 2004, Reworked in 2006, Slay Belles in 2015, and American in 2017.

While he never stopped recording albums and acting in TV shows and movies, RuPaul reached the most fans with his engaging reality TV competitions and shows RuPaul’s Drag Race, Gay for Play, and All Stars and Untucked!

RuPaul Relationships: Who He Dated?

RuPaul has been happily married to Georges LeBar since 2017.

In the News

RuPaul is devoted to his career and steers clear of drama and gossip. After successfully bringing Drag Race to BBC Three, the latest we heard about him was him planning to launch a make-up collaboration with Mally Beauty in September.

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