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Tommie Lee

Tommie Lee is one of the most popular reality TV stars in recent years. She was a leading cast member of the popular VH1 Reality TV show Love Hip-Hop: Atlanta. Before finding mainstream popularity in reality TV, Tommie has seen moderate success in her career as a model and concert promoter.

Her life is painted with scandal and controversy, aiding to her popularity and notoriety. Find out about all her arrests, feuds and more now!

Early Life

Tommie was born on June 19th, 1984 in the state of New Jersey. Her childhood was vibrant, and she has had a complicated relationship with her mother and two brothers. Her controversial image and mainstream fame stem from her arrests as a minor for a variety of charges.

Her criminal record is vast and has started ever since she was a minor. Some of the most prominent charges she has faced were hijacking a bus, among numerous other felonies such as battery, forgery, and stalking.


Most of Tommie Lee’s fame comes from her shock-factor induced behavior and her controversial image. Before appearing on Love and Hip Hop, she found moderate success working as a concert promoter.

After joining the cast of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, her fame only began to grow. After the public found out about her previous crimes and image, they could not get enough of Tommie. Her violent outbursts and explosive personality drove her to main cast status in season 6 of the show.

She has since left the cast of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta and has announced on Instagram that she has no plans on returning to the show. She has gotten famous through the show and continues her career on through her own hip hop career, social media influencing, and numerous other activities.

In the News

Tommie has once again found herself deep within the waters of controversy in late 2018. She was arrested for attacking her daughter in her high school while heavily under the influence of alcohol and narcotics. In the following months, she was facing a 54-year long sentence for the crime.

She dodged her prison time for child abuse and won’t be serving a day. She was ordered to complete a 12-month long rehab program and is subjected to random drug and alcohol tests along with a curfew.

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