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Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is an exceptionally talented young rapper who’s been interested in making a name for himself in the music industry ever since his youth. Today, he’s a GRAMMY nominated musician, but let’s take a look at his beginnings in the music industry, and how he got to where he is today.

Early Life

Tory Lanez was born Daystar Peterson on July 27, 1992, in Brampton, Ontario. Ever since he was a small child, he’s been interested in rapping and has been working hard to hone his skills.

His mother died when he was very young, and soon after his father became a minister and missionary, meaning Tory’s spent most of his childhood on the road, moving from state to state. His father remarried and settled in Atlanta, Georgia, however, Tory himself was sent back to Canada to live with his cousin because of his troublesome behavior.

Soon later, Lanez had to move in with his grandmother, and when she refused to take care of him, he was left to his own devices at the age of 15. By 16, he dropped out of school and started rapping and singing, often performing at outdoor concerts.


Tory’s debut mixtape T.L 2 T.O dropped in 2009, and he started making his own music videos and uploading them to YouTube. The videos caught the attention of Sean Kingston who contacted Lanez and got him to perform live during Justin Bieber’s tour.

Over the next few years, he performed live on many occasions and went on numerous tours, releasing a few mixtapes and singles along the way, as well as his debut EP Cruel Intentions.

His debut album came out in 2016, titled I Told You. The album was supported by two hit singles Say It and Luv, and he went on a national tour to promote it. Luv received a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Song; however, Tory didn’t win the award.

2018 saw the release of two more albums, Memories Don’t Die and Love Me Now?.

In the News

It’s been announced that Tory Lanez has joined up with Luminosity Gaming, and is set to create content, interact with fans, and develop new concepts inspired by his experiences so far. The union will bring much join to the fans of both rap and gaming.

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