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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is a popular radio talk show host who became successful while working as a DJ on the radio. For years, she discussed her personal life on air and audiences fell in love with her personality. Her openness and honesty attracted thousands of listeners, which lead to the launch of her own show in 2008 – The Wendy Williams Show.

Early Life

Born in Asbury Park, New Jersey in 1964, Wendy Williams was an extrovert from a young age. Everyone said that Wendy talked too much, too fast, and too loud even as a child. She was also very tall and by 6th grade, she was around 5’7” tall.

Her parents made her take part in various extra-curricular activities, sports, and music activities. She attended Northeastern University in Boston and graduated in 1986, earning a minor in journalism and a degree in communications.


While in college Wendy became interested in radio. She worked at the college radio station on her own show where she played urban music. After graduating, she worked in many places trying to establish her radio career. Eventually, she ended up in New York where she was fired for not sticking to the script.

She then worked in Philadelphia for 3 years and returned to Manhattan to work for WBLS. This is where she showed that she didn’t need to play music to be interesting to her audience. She earned over 12 million listeners and gave them advice while being completely honest.

She was always very honest about herself especially when she brought celebrities on as guests. After writing several novels and appearing on TV, she decided to switch to TV in 2008 and received several Emmy nominations for her show.

In the News

In 2017, Williams made an official statement that she was suffering from Graves’ disease which causes hair loss, anxiety, and fatigue and was why she wore wigs. In February 2018, she was hospitalized due to her illness and divorced her husband in 2019. They had a son Kevin together in 2000.

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