Celina Powell Alleges Jeffree Star's Ex, Andre Marhold, Wanted To Blackmail Jeffree & Was Also Paid To Be With Him (Video) - The Shade Room

Celina Powell Alleges Jeffree Star’s Ex, Andre Marhold, Wanted To Blackmail Jeffree & Was Also Paid To Be With Him (Video)

Roomies, gather ‘round and lemme pour you a cup of tea brewed by Celina Powell.  Chile, earlier today, Celina went live, alleging Jeffree Star’s ex boo, Andre Marhold, put her in his business and  told her a lot more than she probably needed to know. Of course, in true fashion, she shared with the world wide web.

In a few clips, she alleges Andre stated he was paid by Jeffree to perform fellatio. She also stated that Jeffree allegedly stole from Andre, not the other way around, as Jeffree alleged a few weeks ago.

Describing the conversation, Celina gave us the rundown.

“This man, a stranger, was going in on Jeffree. Let me start from the top–he was saying, “‘I’m not gay. This man just sucked my d*ck. I got paid for it. I got paid to suck his d*ck,’ she claimed.  “Man going crazy. Telling me he had 19 cameras in his house, and Jeffree was the one to rob him. He’s not gay. He just was there to have fun with him,” she expressed. She also stated he said, “‘The picture you guys saw was just a joke.’”

A friend by the name of Jasmine was on the speakerphone and chimed in on the conversation. She added that Andre alleged that this was all for “publicity.” The two women also claimed he wanted to blackmail Jeffree Star. 

She then proceeded to say that Andre asked about an NDA. Celina  insisted that she told Andre that Jeffree couldn’t do a thang to him for spilling the tea.

Celina also stated that while she was going along with it, she told Andre to fly to Miami, in order to help him expose Jeffree. But once he got there she decided not to because she didn’t want to be sued, according to an exclusive statement she gave The Shade Room. 

“I know my cards. I just entertained it because I knew he would tell me everything.”

As previously reported, the two dated briefly. Now, it seems they have both moved on, and Jeffree has another boo that he’s been showing off on Instagram.

Welp! What y’all think, Roomies?



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