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Chilli Says Race Shouldn’t Matter In Jury Selection For Trial Of Men Accused Of Killing Ahmaud Arbery

The three men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery are getting ready to stand before a jury comprised of 12 people, 11 of whom looks just like them. As we previously reported, the jury selected only includes one black person, but TLC”s Chilli recently told TMZ the color of their skin shouldn’t matter.

While giving her take on the outrage surrounding the jury selection, Chilli seemed optimistic that justice will prevail despite the jury’s make up. According to her, it’s pretty obvious that Gregory and Travis McMichael and their friend William “Roddy” Bryan had a hand in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, and the jury should come to that conclusion no matter what.

“I look at it like this, I mean we have to believe that their are kind, good hearted people no matter what color they are,” Chilli said. “So I would say lets look at it like that. Just because it’s not the same skin color doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be fair because to me it’s pretty obvious what happened. We can just pray and hope that they would see the same thing.”

A lot of the outrage surrounding the jury comes from the overt systemic racism that has shown through in many other instances within the justice system. Chilli, however, said things “should be” based on humanity as opposed to race relations.

The trial is currently underway and we’ll keep you updated on any and all developments, Roomies.

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