Chloe Bailey Reveals How She's Caught Past Partners Cheating

Chloe Bailey Reveals How She’s Caught Past Partners Cheating (Video)

Chloe Bailey is getting candid about how she’s handled infidelity from past romantic partners.

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Chloe Bailey Reflects On Being Cheated On

The 25-year-old singer sat down for an exclusive interview on ‘The Zach Sang Show,’ published on Wednesday, November 8. In the latter half of the conversation, Bailey reflected on being cheated on in a previous romantic relationship.

“I got cheated on, I had COVID, I was all in my head — in my feelings,” Bailey explained. “That’s why I was like — ‘I was never good enough for you, you said you didn’t believe in monogamy’ and all that stuff.”

Bailey explained that the experience inspired her single “Cheatback,” featuring Future. The song was released on her debut album, ‘In Pieces,’ earlier this year.

Additionally, the singer explained that even though the experience was unpleasant, “maybe it had to happen.”

The Singer Admits That Cheating Is Her Deal Breaker

As the conversation continued, Bailey explained that she had been cheated on “a couple times.” Additionally, she shared that she feels no matter how attractive a female may be, “sometimes” men will cheat anyway.

When asked whether she believes it’s an “immature thing,” Bailey elaborated.

“Yeah, it’s not a you thing, it’s a them thing,” the singer explained.

Bailey explained that “anytime” she discovers a partner may be cheating on her, she indefinitely moves on.

“I’ll tell them in the beginning, I’m like, ‘You know, we’re imperfect humans, but you cheat on me, and I’m out,'” Bailey explained. “And they don’t believe me until their number’s blocked.”

Chloe Bailey Reveals How She Catches A Cheating Spouse

Furthermore, Bailey explained how she ultimately uncovers her partner’s infidelity.

“God, Instagram, life,” Bailey shared. “Them, not putting away evidence, panties, hair ties — Oh, lash extension on the shower floor that’s not mine…”

Bailey added that she keeps her observations to herself and “collects more evidence” until what she’s noticed can’t be “denied.”

Watch the singer recall her experience and outlook below.

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