Chrisean Rock Wants To Rename Her Son After Blueface

(WATCH) Chrisean Rock Discusses Wanting To Rename Her Son In Blueface’s Honor: ‘He Don’t Got A Junior Yet’

While fans applauded her decision to name her newborn son after herself, Chrisean Rock is suggesting that she’s considering potentially renaming him in Blueface‘s honor instead!

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Chrisean Says Her Baby Would Be Named After His Father “In A Perfect World”

Chrisean shared the update during a recent Instagram Live, declaring that Blueface is “not a deadbeat” and wouldn’t “abandon” her and Chrisean Jr.

She went on to say that, “in a perfect world,” her son would’ve been named “after his father.”

The 23-year-old added that she’d “at least” want her son to take Blueface’s last name, Porter. However, she made it clear that she “want[s]” her son to be renamed after Blueface.

“I want it to be Johnathan Jamall Porter Jr.”

Later, she continued sharing her rationale, noting that — despite having two sons — Blueface doesn’t have a namesake.

“He [has] two sons, and he don’t got a junior yet. I don’t like it — I don’t like it like that. It’s kinda mean. I’m telling you, I can’t stay mean forever.”

Chrisean Rock then shared, “I’m a very forgiving person. Plus, that’s my baby daddy.”

Fans React To Chrisean Rock’s Revelation: “We Were All Rooting For You!”

Beneath The Shade Room‘s upload on the matter, people started chiming in and sharing their opinions.

A Roomie going by @trinivixen1127 shared a GIF of Tyra Banks‘ memorable America’s Next Top Model rant, in which she declared, “I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!”

Another user, @mummyslittlegirl___ stated, “She’s so unserious. So a baby is a determinant in their relationship? Tired.”

Citing the mother’s decision to dedicate Chrisean Jr. to Christ, @_m.akia_ declared, “That pastor should of lifted you up in prayer instead of the baby!”

Humorously, @major.kiee said, “Chrisean Jr was so hard don’t f**k it up.” Oop!

Looking Back At Recent Developments With The Pair

This noteworthy update comes on the heels of Chrisean and her son appearing in the music video for Blueface’s new track, “Baby Momma Drama,” as The Shade Room reported.

The cameo appearance followed some internet drama between Blueface and the mother of his older son, Jaidyn Alexis. It’s also worth noting that Chrisean shared a photo of Blueface bonding with their newborn around the same time, writing, “Daddy and I.”

Upon sharing these developments, Chrisean Rock dished on trying to fix her relationship with Blueface.

The Baddies star shared her commentary on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday (Sept. 19).

“Me n blue love each other so much we purposely hurt each other because we became toxic asf. … Daddy gotta grow up cuz I hadda gro up.”

After these tweets, Chrisean penned, “I appreciate you blue and I’m sorry. But n***as human.” She also wrote, “The best I can do is fix what I f**ked up.”

What do you think about the situation, Roomies?

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