Coi Leray Responds After Adrien Broner Flirts With Her (WATCH)

Oop! Coi Leray Responds After Adrien Broner Shoots His Shot At Her (WATCH)

Coi Leray has responded after Adrien Broner attempted to shoot his shot at her on Instagram Live.

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Here’s How Adrien Broner Attempted To Bag Coi Leray

On Tuesday, April 16, Leray apparently took to Instagram Live to speak with her fans. While streaming, professional boxer Adrien Broner appeared in the live chat.

“I’m on your body!” Broner wrote.

As the rapper’s live continued, Broner added a few more words for Leray.

“Be at my next fight in Miami May 31st at the Hard Rock on me,” he commented, adding a red heart emoji.

Broner’s words to Leray were chronicled by The Shade Room. In response, social media users weighed in with their reactions to the pro boxer shooting his shot at the rapper in the comment section.

Instagram user mannysolo wrote, I’m on your body? Like Lotion sir? Like sunscreen? Who says that?”

While Instagram user @pumacurry added, What happened to? Hello how are you? My name is…😩”

Instagram user @rio.3xl remarked, I need this energy from a woman 👏”

Coi Leray Responds

While on Instagram Live, Leray apparently peeped Broner shooting his shot. In response, the rapper made it clear that she was not interested and not here for the pro boxer flirting with her on Instagram Live.

“Trying to bag me on a Instagram Live is f*****g crazy,” she said. “Like, dead**, get the f**k on. Okay?… I’m not interested. Like, that’s f*****g corny. The f**k are we doing here?”

Watch Leray’s reaction below.

Social Media Weighs In & Coi Reacts To Backlash

From there, social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Leray’s response to Broner.

Instagram user @thatdarkskingirl wrote, He was corny for that but she’s extra corny for responding this way , could’ve just ignored it honestly”
While Instagram user @kmd9 added, “Was all that really necessary ? 🙄😒”

Instageam user @fuel4thebody wrote, When I get turned down disrespectfully by a woman I just be like ‘I respect it, have a blessed ass day’ I love being rejected by the one who’s not for me because it leaves me available & single for the one woman for me I can adore tf out of…”

While Instagram user @justacomment8 added, “Oh girl a simple no or acting like u didn’t see it would have been just fine 🙄”
Instagram user @lebunnyofficial wrote,Bro wasn’t even disrespectful w the shot tho y so meen”
Meanwhile, Broner himself also hopped in the comment section, appearing unbothered.
“Just make sure everybody at my fight at the Hard Rock Casino in Miami May 31st,” he wrote.
To note, on Wednesday, April 17, Leray returned to social media to share a message addressing the backlash she received for how she rejected Broner.
“Wasn’t trying to be harsh however I hope he wins his fight and many more,” she wrote.


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