#Common wants to use the revelation about the molestation he experienced as a young child in his new memoir to help others.

It’s always hard to open up about abuse, especially after so many years have past, so we commend #Common for his bravery. In his book, “Let Love Have the Last Word” that was released today, Common shares how a repressed memory of being molested by a family friend he referred to as ‘Brandon’ surfaced a few years ago while acting out a scene with #LauraDern for the movie “The Tale.”

Common said the incident occurred during a family trip when he had to share a bed with his abuser.

“At some point I felt Brandon’s hand on me,” he wrote. “I pushed him away. I don’t remember saying a whole lot besides ‘No, no, no…He kept saying ‘It’s okay, It’s okay,’ as he pulled down my shorts and molested me. After he stopped he kept asking me to perform it on him. I kept repeating ‘No’ and pushing him away,” the rapper writes. “I felt a deep and sudden shame for what happened.”

To cope with the abuse, Common said he just blocked the painful memories from his mind.

“Maybe it’s a matter of survival—Even now, two years after that flash resurgence of memories, as I’m writing, I’m still working through all of this in myself and with my therapist,” Common wrote.

He added that he has never spoken about the one-time incident with the accused (who he hasn’t seen in over 25 years) but he has forgiven him, for his and others’ sake, according to People.

“I want to be a person who helps break cycles of violence,” he wrote. “This is love in action and I intend to practice it.”

We applaud Common for sharing his story with the intention to help others!

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