Roommates, let me just say something really quickly, be VERY careful with the type of energy you keep online, because there are people in this world (like Da Baby) who will meet that same energy in REAL life. Now to the tea!

So up & coming rapper Da Baby is riding high on his success right now, his single ‘Suge’ is all over the place and he has a feature on Meg Thee Stallion’s latest album ‘Fever.’ Da Baby is looking to be next up and both fans AND haters have taken notice.

Apparently, Da baby was out at a mall minding the business that pays him when a ‘fan’ who had been threatening him on social media for a few months decided to pull up on him inside what looks to be a Louis Vuitton store. Needless to say, that didn’t go over too well! In the video, you can see the guy going off on Da Baby until he ultimately takes a swing at the rapper. Now, thank the good Lordt for social media cause Da baby was filming the whole time! Make sure to watch the entire video! See below:

Now the man we only know as “CamColdHeart” was in the store poppin’ off, until he got popped! You’d think the embarrassment of getting knocked out would be enough for “CamColdHeart” BUT it wasn’t. He immediately took to social media to give a different version of events. Basically saying he was jumped by Baby & his security detail:

Whew! He even got security to vouch that he was jumped by two people not just Da Baby!

The whole thing is just embarrassing y’all! Might be safe to say, if you’re a fan of Baby just makes sure you keep a nice distance and speak to him respectfully if you see him in the streets. Definitely don’t violate his space and DEFINITELY don’t put your hand around his waist for a photo:

Following those rules will keep you out of trouble Roommates!