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DaniLeigh Speaks Out About Situation With B. Simone–Says She “Didn’t Think It Was That Deep”

It’s been a lot of drama in the past 24 hours between B. Simone and DaniLeigh after Dani requested B. to be pulled from a recent episode of ‘Wild N’ Out.’ The singer decided to hop on Instagram live and change the narrative portrayed. While wearing a hoodie and white sunglasses, the singer explained that she “didn’t think the situation was that deep.”

“From the jump, it was never a demand. I don’t know why the blogs are seeding it out to put it out that I demanded B. Simone not to be on ‘Wild N’ Out.’ ‘Wild N’ Out’ asked me. I love ‘Wild N’ Out.’  I’ve always supported Nick. I’ve always supported the comedians on the show. So you know me and B. Simone are not cool,” she told viewers.

The Dominican mami continued explaining that her team asked if it was cool if B. didn’t do the episode.

“It was never anything to be like “I’m a diva.” I thought it would be more mature to have us not sitting next to each other on a show, making it mad awkward and uncomfortable,” she advised.

As the live continued, the singer clarified that she was protecting her peace and heart. In addition, she said the decision wasn’t made to be petty. The mother of a one-year-old baby girl, Velour, did clear up that B. was still on set for the tapping and agreed that she should’ve been paid. Dani also spilled some tea and mentioned that B. recorded a song dissing her and saw text messages between B. and  DaBaby but never spoke on it

If you missed B’s comments on the situation, check it out here.

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