Dear TSR, I'm Trying To Save Taraji From A Huge Mistake Too! (Part 2) - The Shade Room

Dear TSR, I’m Trying To Save Taraji From A Huge Mistake Too! (Part 2)

Dear TSR,

      A lot of hearts are getting broken tonight but it won’t be in vain. Women need to know about men like Kelvin. Me and MY friend were trying to understand why her man Kelvin was posted up in a pic with Taraji…but before we could reconcile what happened we see Kelvin had another girl other than Cookie claiming him on The Shade Room! Let’s be clear, my friend is the main chick! 

 My friend has been in a relationship with Kelvin FOR 8 years and she lives in Chi-town. Oh and WE have receipts. They went to Costa Rica not too long ago, before that they went to Europe! She just posted a pic of him 3 weeks ago on IG! We even have video proof! (Above) 

Let me tell you what Kelvin does. Kelvin claims that he doesn’t post women on his Instagram for business purposes when really it’s all a cover up to hide the many different women he is leading on and lying to. 


Just like girlfriend number 3 said, Kelvin is most definitely BROKE. I’m sure he’s with Taraji because she’s amazing but she should watch out and hold on tight to her clutch. 
-Signed RideOrDieBestie


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