Court Docs Show Man Hit Judge In Head, Marshal Got 25 Stitches

UPDATE: Court Docs Reveal Man Hit Las Vegas Judge In The Head Twice, Marshal Received 25 Stitches

Deobra Delone Redden, the convicted felon who attacked a female Las Vegas judge during his sentencing, has reportedly confessed to trying to kill her. After the incident, the judge and her marshal required medical attention.

In court documents obtained by 8 News Now, the 30-year-old told officers he’d been having a “bad day” before his assault on Judge Mary Kay Holthus on Wednesday (January 3).

Redden Reportedly Wanted To Kill The Judge

Redden admitted that he intended to kill Holthus, per 8 News Now and the New York Post.

Accusations also claim that he spat at an officer during the attack. Holthus’ marshal, Shane Brandon, reportedly required 25 stitches for a gash on his face and sustained a dislocated shoulder.

After the attack, they took Holthus to a nearby hospital, where she received treatment for her injuries due to continuous head pain. According to 8 News Now, Redden allegedly slammed the judge’s head against the wall, hit her again in the head, and pulled some hair out.

Clark County Chief Judge Jerry Wiese has since revealed in a statement that the judge was still sore “but is thankful that this was not more severe,” per The Mirror.

Redden, jailed on $54,000 bond, reportedly refused to attend court on Thursday (January 4) to answer for the new charges against him.

He now faces 13 counts, seven of which are battery on a protected person. The other six are felonies, including disregard for the safety of person/property, coercion with force or threat, and intimidating public officers/others.

His next court appearance has now been scheduled for Tuesday (January 9).

Here’s What Happened In The Las Vegas Courtroom

As previously reported, Redden appeared at the Clark County District Court in Las Vegas over an attempted battery charge with substantial bodily harm. He pleaded guilty to the April 2023 crime in November 2023.

During his sentencing, his attorney ironically suggested the judge consider probation instead of jail time. The lawyer cited the positive changes he’d made in recent months.

But given his past run-ins with the law, which included an arrest for domestic violence and home invasion, Holthus stated that sentencing Redden to probation was out of the question.

I think it’s time he got a taste of something else because I just can’t with that history,” she said.

Before she could finish the sentencing, Redden called the judge out of her name. Then, he ran towards her, leaped over her bench, and repeatedly punched her in the head.

Per the docs, Redden believed that Judge Holthus, whom he described as “evil,” had it out for him.

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