Whew chile, the drama! NBA star DeMarcus Cousins is currently riding high after finally wedding his girlfriend just days ago—but according to new reports, things between him and the mother of his son got pretty intense with serious threats of violence.

TMZ (@tmz_tv) reports that DeMarcus Cousins’ baby mama Christy West is hurling some very serious allegations at the father of their 7-year-old son. She claims that DeMarcus threatened to kill her by telling her he would put a “bullet in [her] f**king head” if she didn’t allow their son to attend his recent wedding.

West goes even further and claims that she has audio of the threats DeMarcus made to her, she also reportedly filed a police report stating that the death threat took place on August 23rd, exactly one day before DeMarcus married new wife Morgan Lang in a lavish ceremony in Atlanta.

In the audio of the encounter that West played for court officials, the exchange between the former couple went like this:

DeMarcus says, “I’m gonna ask you this one more time before I take it to another level,” the man says … “Can I have my son here, please?”

West then simply responds, “No.”

DeMarcus then hurls the threat saying, “I’m gonna make sure I put a bullet in your f**king head.”

That’s when the audio cuts off — but Christy has since filed court docs in Alabama seeking a restraining order against Cousins claiming he also told her that he was going to kill her, “even if he didn’t have to get his hands dirty doing it.”

West wants officials to keep Cousins away from her and their son—and only allow supervised visitation. She also went to the Mobile, Alabama Police Dept. and filed a report with cops. A police spokesperson tells us they have opened an investigation into the allegations.


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