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Democrats Raphael Warnock And Jon Ossoff Win Georgia Senate Runoff, Dems To Assume Control Of The Senate

Amid the chaos going on in Washington D.C. with pro-Trump thugs violently storming the U.S. capitol, protesters may have to stay mad because it looks like the Democrats have just taken over the Senate. First off, shout out to Stacey Abrams for her efforts to mobilize voters in her home state of Georgia and be the catalyst for change in a traditionally red state. The results of the state Senate runoffs, which have been criticized as a form of voter suppression especially in Black communities, are in and Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff have successfully unseated their Repulican opponents.

Not only did the state make history by electing its first Black senator ever by voting in Warnock, but the 2020 election results also have shifted the political dynamics in the traditionally red state.

We’ve seen all types of efforts to get citizens to the polls from celebrities stressing the power of voting in this runoff to people providing food to those standing in those long lines.

All their efforts to flip the state blue came to fruition today when Ossoff was declared the projected winner of his race and Warnock was declared victorious late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning.

There’s hope that now that the Democrats will assume control of the U.S. Senate–and by default, effectively turning Congress blue–Americans will have a better chance at receiving a $2,000 stimulus check given that Republicans seemed to be the holdout in granting struggling Americans plagued by the pandemic with more financial support.

While Georgia and the rest of the nation have a reason to celebrate today, we also advise that everyone stay safe because this news may certainly set off protesters who are not letting Trump leave office without a fight. 

We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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