Department Of Justice Formally Files A Lawsuit Against Texas Over Recent Abortion Ban

Department Of Justice Formally Files A Lawsuit Against Texas Over Recent Abortion Ban

#Roommates, the intense fallout following the highly controversial Texas abortion ban has just reached a very serious new level—and it involves a courtroom. The U.S. Department Of Justice has officially filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas due to the recent signing of an abortion ban into law, which is what President Biden hinted at earlier this month.

The Department of Justice has just issued a very firm stance against the Texas abortion ban, making it clear that a legal fight is underway. @ABCNews reports, Attorney General Merrick Garland, formally announced that the DOJ has filed a lawsuit against Texas due to its restrictive abortion ban. “That act is clearly unconstitutional under long-standing Supreme Court precedent. Those precedents hold, in the words of Planned Parenthood versus Casey, that ‘regardless of whether exceptions are made for particular circumstances, a state may not prohibit any woman from making the ultimate decision to terminate her pregnancy before viability,’” he said in a statement.

Garland also accused Texas Republicans of concocting a “statutory scheme” through the law “to nullify the Constitution of the United States.” As part of the lawsuit, he said the DOJ is seeking an immediate court order preventing the enforcement of Senate Bill 8 in Texas. In an attempt to alert other states that were thinking of following Texas’ actions, Garland was very clear that the DOJ won’t hesitate to take similar legal action against other states.

Additionally, he further slammed Texas officials for passing the abortion ban and the extreme consequences as a result of it:

“It does not rely on the state’s executive branch to enforce the law, as is the norm in Texas and everywhere else. Rather, the snatcher deputizes all private citizens without any showing a personal connection or injury to serve as bounty hunters authorized to recover at least $10,000 per claim from individuals who facilitate a woman’s exercise of our constitutional rights.”

As we previously reported, President Biden stated that he would do everything in his power to reverse the shocking abortion ban in Texas—and it appears that he and his administration have followed through on his promise.


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