On Wednesday, police arrested 21-year-old Holden Matthews, the son of a deputy sheriff in connection to the recent fires that were set a three historically black churches in one Louisiana Parish in just 10 days.

According to CBS News, Deputy Roy Matthews, the suspect’s father, was the one who turned him in to authorities. Records show that Holden lives in Saint Landry Parish, where the churches burned down. At the moment police have not revealed a motive behind this horrible act.

According to the site, earlier this week the NAACP labeled the burning of the churches as “domestic terrorism” as it targeted people because of their faith and skin color. Thankfully the churches were empty during each fire and no one was injured.

The first fire took place on March 26th at St. Mary Baptist Church in Port Barre. The second fire took place on April 2nd at the Greater Union Baptist, and the third fire took place on April 4th at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.

Pastor Kyle Sylvester of St. Mary’s Baptist Church said, “There’s still people that need to be helped, there’s still ministry that has to be done, so we can’t let this setback stop us from doing what God has initially called us to do.”

The FBI and ATF have reportedly been helping the local police in Louisiana with the investigation. Updates are expected to be announced at a press conference on Thursday morning.