Desiigner Charged With Exposing Himself While On Airplane

Desiigner Charged With Indecent Exposure Following Recent Airplane Incident

Desiigner has been officially charged with indecent exposure for reportedly masturbating in front of flight attendants while mid-flight on an airplane last week.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ claim the rapper had his penis out in the first class of a Delta flight. Additionally, the documents allege that the rapper was pleasuring himself in his seat.

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Desiigner Charged After Reportedly Masturbating Mid-Flight On Airplane Last Week

He was reportedly told by the flight attendants to stop multiple times before he was moved to the back of the plane to be monitored by two of his friends. The FBI affidavit also stated that a jar of Vaseline fell into the aisle as he got up to change seats.

Once in Minneapolis, Desiigner spoke with authorities. He reportedly explained that the incident happened because he didn’t get much female action in Japan. Additionally, he allegedly explained that he was “brick hard” when he got on the plane.

Furthermore, the documents stated that Desiigner explained he was “aroused” by the flight attendant.

The Rapper Reportedly Was Not Taking The Medication He Was Prescribed

It was noted that Desiigner didn’t appear to be impaired during the interview with the FBI.

He. reportedly told authorities that he had gotten ill on his trip and was prescribed medication in Thailand. However, he hadn’t been taking the medication, which likely caused a chemical imbalance.

Last week, the artist took to Instagram and admitted his shame for recently exposing himself on a plane.

Additionally, the “Panda” rapper revealed plans to check himself into a facility. He explained that he has been struggling with his mental health “for the past few months,” as previously reported by The Shade Room.

“For the past few months I have not been ok, and I have been struggling to come to terms with what is going on,” Desiigner said. “While overseas for a concert I performed at, I had to be admitted to a hospital, I was not thinking clearly. They gave me meds and I had to hop on a plane ride home.”

Desiigner Admits Feeling ‘Ashamed’ Of His Actions On The Plane

In his statement, the rapper added:

“I am ashamed of my actions that happened on that plane. I landed back to the States and am admitting myself in a facility to help me. I will be canceling all of my shows and any obligations until further notice. Mental health is real, guys, please pray for me. If you’re not feeling like yourself, please get help.”

This is a developing story. Be sure to check back in with The Shade Room for more updates on this case as they come.


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