UPDATE: Desiigner Does NOT Have To Register As Sex Offender

UPDATE: Desiigner’s Lawyer Says The Rapper Does NOT Have To Register As Sex Offender

Ryan Garry, an attorney representing Desiigner (real name Sidney Royel Selby III), is pushing back against earlier reports and clarifying that the rapper does not have to register as a sex offender.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on Sept. 18 to reflect a new statement from Desiigner’s lawyer refuting earlier sex offender registry reports. 

Desiigner Will Only Have To Register If California Or “Some Other Government Entity” Mandates It

PEOPLE published the update from Garry on Saturday (Sept. 16), with the lawyer declaring, “Many news outlets have incorrectly stated that he is required to register.”

Instead, Garry points out that the judgment mandates that Desiigner only has to register “if the State of California or some other government entity” requires it.

“Since this was a federal misdemeanor, the sentencing judgment states that if the State of California or some other government entity requires that Mr. Selby must register as a sex offender, then he must.”

Nonetheless, the attorney added, “This misdemeanor conviction is not one that will cause Mr. Selby to have to register as a sex offender.”

“The parties in this case have come to the legal conclusion, after significant research and consultation with lawyers in California, that this misdemeanor conviction is not one that will cause Mr. Selby to have to register as a sex offender. If some government agency in California disagrees with our analysis, then we will address the matter at that point in time.”

Wrapping up his statement, Garry said Desiigner has “taken great steps to addressing what happened on the airline flight.”

He also noted, “Mental health, especially these days, is an absolute thing. He was traveling back from his performances overseas feeling extremely dehydrated and exhausted.”

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The Rundown On The Initial TMZ Report

This update shoots down an earlier article from TMZ, which reported that — per court documents, allegedly — the judge ordered Desiigner to join the sex offender registry.

The TMZ report also noted that he had to undergo psychiatric evaluation and drug testing as part of his probation. Furthermore, Desiigner was described as being barred from owning guns and having to complete 120 hours of community service.

While Garry didn’t acknowledge the psychiatric evaluation component, he confirmed that Desiigner must complete 120 hours of community service. Additionally, the attorney noted that Desiigner has been fined $5,000 and has to be on probation for two years.

Desiigner Acknowledged Checking Himself Into A Mental Health Facility Following The Incident

As The Shade Room reported, word of the initial situation broke in April, and Desiigner took to social media to admit that he was “ashamed of [his] actions that happened on that plane.” While the specifics weren’t yet clear, Desiigner was accused of exposing a part of his body during a flight.

Just a few days later, Desiigner was charged with indecent exposure. TMZ reported that the issue was related to the rapper allegedly masturbating during a flight from Japan.

At the beginning of May, marking his 26th birthday, he revealed, “I admitted myself into a facility last week to focus on my mental health.” He also said he would “come back stronger” and connect with fans “on a deeper level.”

Earlier this month, TMZ cited legal documents and reported that Desiigner was expected to plead guilty to indecent exposure.

Despite earlier reports, Desiigner’s attorney has cleared up the speculation involving the sex offender registry.

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