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Diddy Arrested By Campus Police For Turning Up On UCLA Football Coach!


Y’all know by now that Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, is a defensive back for the UCLA football team. Diddy has been known to come to the campus to support his son, but today he decided to lay hands on one of the football coaches. According to TMZ, an assistant coach was yelling at Justin on the field (which is not unusual for coaches to do) and Diddy wasn’t having it. 

     Diddy allegedly walked over to the coach and snatched him up like a rag doll (we puttin’ extras on it). It hasn’t even been a whole 24 hours since Father’s Day! 

    The coach wasn’t having it so he called the campus police and they took Diddy into custody at the campus jail and arrested him for assault. Now, If you’ve ever seen a campus jail then you know it’s an office with a chair, table, air conditioning, and ice cold water. Basically, he’s in there chillin’. 

    Also, where is this case really going to go? Are they going to notify the real police because campus police can’t do much of anything. UCLA is glad to have Diddy’s son on their team, but Universities don’t like to bring negative attention to their schools. Headlines like “Diddy Put Hands On Coach” is not something they will be pleased about.

Justin tell your Daddy to stop actin’ up!        


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