DJ Khaled Explains Why He Pays For Everything Himself (Video)

IKDR! DJ Khaled Explains Why He Pays For Everything Himself & Doesn’t “Believe In” Money Managers Or Accountants

DJ Khaled is revealing why he handles his own money and how it’s the key to his financial success.

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DJ Khaled Hilarious Explains Why He Pays For Everything Himself

On Wednesday, Shannon Sharpe released the latest episode of his podcast ‘Club Shay Shay.’ The episode featured producer and music mogul DJ Khaled as a guest. Additionally, the release noted that Sharpe and Khaled’s sitdown was filmed in July 2023.

During the conversation, Khaled explained why he doesn’t “believe in” accountants or money mangers.

“I don’t believe in no accountant, I don’t believe in — what’s the thing called — money managers,” Khaled explained. “All that — that’s your business.”

The 47-year-old continued by explainining that he pays for expenses himself.

“I pay the grass [landscapers], car wash man, the guy that’s cutting my hair, the electric bill, the car note, the mortgage,” Khaled continued.

The producer even explained that he has a “rule” that even if he authorizes his banker to process a charge through email or text, his banker also needs to acquire verbal — or even physical — consent from the mogul.

“Cause there’s AI out there,” Khaled joked. “[But] I don’t make nothing up, this is the truth.”

The Music Mogul Details The Major Financial Lesson He’s Learned Over The Years

As the conversation continued, Khaled provided further insight into is perspective. The 47-year-old explained that “if you pay for everything yourself, you notice you’re paying too much for stuff.”

Khaled added that this financial awareness allows him to remain conscious about how much money he spends and how much money he needs to earn to supplement his spending.

Furthermore, the 47-year-old explained that if he allows someone else to pay his bills for them, they won’t “notice in real time” how much money is potentially being unnecessarily spent.

Ultimately, Khaled explained that “there’s no way in the world,” he’ll let someone “touch” or effect his “hard work.”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Khaled’s financial gems. Many seemingly agreed with the 47-year-old’s stance.

Instagram user @mrjerometrammel wrote.
“Oprah said the same thing years ago, she said she signs every check and knows every penny that comes in and out..”
While Instagram user @wyntxr_ added.
“And this exactly why he will stay rich too. Smart af.”
Instagram user @sheshealedandfine applauded Khaled for his “free game.”
“free game!!!!! “No way i’m letting someone have the power to TOUCH THE HARD WORK” I felt that!”
While Instagram user @damonwilliamscomedy remarked.
“This is the best thing I’ve ever heard him say”
Instagram user @necadadon also agreed.
“Best thing you can do is manage your own coins 👏”
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