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DMX Cast As A Detective In Upcoming ‘Chronicle Of A Serial Killer’ Film

Are y’all ready for #DMX on the big screen? Now we all know he’s not new to this acting life (we will never forget his iconic role as Tommy in #HypeWilliams’ “Belly” among his other roles), but it’s good to see his bounce back continue since he was released from prison back in January.

Not only is he looking healthy and happy, he’s also had a chance to perform a few shows (most recently popping up at #KanyeWest’s Sunday service), and now the man is heading back to film.

He’s been cast in the upcoming thriller  “Chronicle Of a Serial Killer” as one of the lead detectives tracking the killer down, @blast reports. He’ll star alongside Brendan Saxton and Tara Reid.

“Casting DMX as Detective White to me is a perfect fit. As a director, I always like going against the grain a bit. Also being familiar with his work over the years I have no doubt he is going to bring a different dynamic to the role. It will be fun working with him and the rest of the cast on this one,” said the film’s director Steve Stanulis.

Zack Teperman, a rep for the film, added, “It’s going to be awesome seeing DMX on-screen with Tara Reid. Factor in Jake Busey, Michael Madsen and Brendan Sexton… such a dynamic group of talent, this film is going to be a thriller!”

The movie will begin filming in June although there is no official release date for the film.

DMX was released after serving some time for tax evasion. His lawyer told TMZ at the time that DMX was excited to get back to his huge family, especially his 15 children.

In addition to this new movie, DMX reportedly had been getting offers from movie producers about a biopic. Aside from that, he’s also did a lot of songwriting while serving his time and is planning on dropping a new album.

We’re happy to hear about DMX’s continued success. Will you be watching his new movie, Roommates? Let us know!

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