Dog Climbs Six Feet To Escape Pet Hotel And Travels Two Miles Home

Dog Reportedly Climbs Six-Foot Fence And Travels Two Miles Home After Escaping Pet Hotel

One dog proved nothing is impossible if you really want it. And apparently, all he wanted was to go home—and did!

Earlier this year, dog parents Jeremy and Sarah Henson decided to take a vacation to Las Vegas. The Lenexa, Kansas-based couple left their dog Dexter in the care of a local pet hotel. According to New York Post, Jeremy and Sarah set their dog’s stay for five days. But, to their surprise, Dexter ended up temporarily disrupting their vacation with a visit at the family’s front door.

“We were both like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Dexter!” Jeremy said to Inside Edition.

Jeremy added that Dexter’s escape was no easy move. The dog would’ve had to scale a six-foot fence to escape the hotel, then travel about two miles to make it home. But thankfully, he knew where to go and wasn’t hurt on his lil’ adventure!

The couple witnessed the moment Dexter greeted his front door using their Ring camera. Dexter whines and claws at the front door to get inside the home. From its looks, the dog didn’t seem to know his owners were away at the time.

“Obviously, he didn’t understand the fact that we were gone; he just thought that we were home. And he takes his job protecting us very seriously,” Jeremy said.

Still, Jeremy used the tools of their Ring camera to their advantage. Viewers can hear Jeremy in the clip trying to soothe Dexter. Meanwhile, the couple seemingly notified the pet hotel about Dexter’s escape artist trick. Finally, an employee arrives about a minute and a half into the viral video and safely collects Dexter.

Despite public shock about Dexter’s escape, his navigation skills didn’t wholly catch the owners off-guard. Jeremy called their dog “determined [and] very smart.” Unfortunately, this same intelligence, the dog dad added, can sometimes land Dexter “into trouble.”

No word from the pet hotel on how exactly the dog finessed his way out!

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